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Appraisal Process
  1. Acceptance of the assignment
    This step is a review of data received from the client to determine the scope of the assignment. A decision is made to accept or reject the assignment based on various factors including location of the subject property, legality of request and competence of the appraiser in the specific nature of the appraisal.

  2. Inspection
    Step two is a detailed inspection of the subject property to collect physical data and to familiarize the appraiser with the property and the neighborhood. Digital Photos are taken of the subject and comparable properties for inclusion in the final report.

  3. Data gathering and analysis
    Data gathering and analysis of data is the process of assembling data concerning the subject property and comparable sales from all available sources including Multiple listing service, City records, Plats and Surveys, Appraisers own files and familiarity with the market area.

  4. Prepare report
    All information gathered in the previous steps is now entered electronically into the appraisal report format. This analysis will provide the appraiser with the ability to develop an accurate estimation of market value.

  5. Review
    In this step the appraisal is electronically and manually reviewed for accuracy.

  6. Delivery
    The final step includes signature by the appraiser and reviewer and delivery to the client by hand delivery, mail, or electronically (EDI or Fax).

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